Transit Rucksack Backpack
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Transit Rucksack Backpack
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Transit Rucksack Backpack
Transit Rucksack Backpack
Transit Rucksack Backpack

Transit Rucksack Backpack

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Weave through the traffic with our brand new 'Transit' Rucksack backpack. Crafted with durable and water repellant materials, the Transit Rucksack is the perfect bag to transport you from work to the gym and through your weekend, while keeping all your stuff organized.

Key Features

  • Water repellant materials // waterproof hardware
  • Tuckaway waist straps w/ a Fidlock® magnetic buckle

  • Double opening laptop compartment

  • Steel locking carabiner
  • Fits 15" laptop
  • Expandable water bottle pockets



17 in x 11 in x 5 in