The Past

In 2014, our founder, Charlie Yip, started making handcrafted leather goods in his garage. After dabbling with his craft for a year, he soon felt the need to expand beyond leather.

Growing up as a cyclist in San Francisco, he was inspired to create functional, yet well designed goods for the everyday urban commuter like himself. This was the start of Unsettle&Company, named for the ideals of always settling for more when it comes to creativity and everyday life.

The Present

Our exploration into creating goods for the cycling community led us to not only build quality goods, but also develop a deep connection amongst the cycling community all over the world.

We are constantly inspired by the creativity of the city and the creative community all over the world. We aim to continue designing goods that can handle the busy lifestyle of the city and ruggedness of the great outdoors.

We're lovers of cycling, coffee, spinning records, and damn good design.

The Future

Ultimately, we're here to continue progressing our designs and showcase the creativity of the everyday commuters amongst us all.

We believe we can change how you perceive your everyday commute. Whether it has to do with the music you're listening to, the articles you're reading, or how you're carrying your essentials; we aim to change how you approach your day.

Remember to always settle for more.