I remember sneak buying a durag on San Bruno Ave growing up in the Bayview district of San Francisco. As a kid, there were plenty of outfits I never wanted my parents to see me wear. At the same time, my mom worked at a sewing factory in SOMA and would take home fabrics to make clothes for me and my sisters in our garage. If you asked me to recall the early DNA of Unsettle, these memories would come to mind.

In 2014, I got into handcrafting leather goods. A year long exploration of the craft led me to rebrand the project in 2015 as Unsettle - a multi-disciplinary creative label specializing in timeless contemporary pieces designed in the space between form/function. It's within this space that I find the most growth.

'The space between' is a personal phrase that represents the intersection between everything. Taking cues from lived experience, subcultures, and my community - it's all about connecting the dots.