In 2014, our founder, Charlie Yip, started making handcrafted leather goods in his garage. After experimenting with leather for a year, he soon felt the need to expand beyond it.

Growing up as a native of San Francisco, he was inspired by the everyday working class commuters of the city. People from all walks of life. Known as a melting pot of culture, San Francisco had creativity and ambition in it's DNA.

This was the start of Unsettle&Company, named for the ideals of always settling for more when it comes to creativity and living, not just existing.




Commuting through The City by bike inspired us to design quality gear, and develop a deep connection amongst the cycling community all over the world.

We are constantly inspired by the creativity of The City and the creative culture all over the world. We aim to continue designing goods that serve you in all environments.

We're lovers of cyclingcoffeespinning records, and damn good design.




Ultimately, we're here to continue progressing our vision and showcase the creativity of the everyday commuters amongst us all.

We believe every day is a new day to create and grow. Whether it has to do with the music you're listening to, the articles you read, or how you're carrying your essentials; we challenge you to think about your daily commute and ignite the creativity alive within.

settle for more.