Behind the Scene: Unsettle Roots

Behind the Scene: Unsettle Roots

I started building bikes in high school. Converting old beater bikes found on Craigslist and flipping them so I could afford to build my own bike with parts that I wanted. After several builds, I finally got enough money to build on my own terms. During this whole process, I fell in love with the craft of building, riding and the whole cycling culture in general. 



Unsettle came about from my small handcrafted leather goods project, headquartered in a garage during college. It started out as a Father's Day gift for my dad and quickly transformed into a passion project that took my attention away from my classes. When I didn't have class, you could catch me in my garage crafting and kicking it. I fell in love with the entire process of creating - from concept to cutting the leather and stitching it all together. Working with my hands taught me the value of patience and quality.



As I neared the end of college and slowly evolved my own tastes, I had a hunger to make my passion my full time career. I simply wanted to express myself and spend my time as I please. This drove the decision to rebrand and expand beyond leather. As I grew older, so did the brand. I slowly expanded my designs to encompass more experimental technical bags and more.

I also developed a deeper connection to the meaning behind calling the brand Unsettle - a space between where we are and where we can be. This brand is my vehicle for self expression and simultaneously a documentation of my own blue print of life - something I hope inspires others to stay unsettled and follow their hearts as I got inspired to do the same from those who came before.



Having been born&raised in San Francisco, I was raised with a certain DIY mentality that's found in Bay Area water. Growing up in the city presented stark contrasts in experiences of life - something that continues to stay with me through my life. It's this diversity and melting pot spirit that encourages people to accept others as well as themselves. Blessed to be a city kid.

 - Charlie Yip

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