Behind the Scene: Unsettle Roots

If you read our About page, you'll get some understanding of our brand vision and what we're all about. We wanted to dive a bit deeper to provide you with the history of how Unsettle&Co. came into existence.



"I started building bikes in high school. Converting old beater bikes found on Craigslist and flipping them so I could afford to build my own bike with parts that I wanted. After several builds, I finally got enough money to build on my own terms. During this whole process, I fell in love with the craft of building, riding and the whole cycling culture in general."

 - Charlie Yip (founder)

Having been born and raised in San Francisco and spending some formative years in San Diego has allowed us to take influences from both great cities and implement them into our company culture.


There's a realness found in local streets within each respective city. Both played a critical role in our design philosophy.



We got our start as a small handcrafted leather goods brand in Charlie's garage. He juggled making custom wallets and bags while going to school. The process of hand-cutting all the way to hand-stitching made us appreciate the process of craft. But, we knew there had to be more.

We aspired to create innovative functional goods and we didn't want to be limited to leather. That's when we decided to launch a Kickstarter for our first product: The Unclip. After being funded, we knew we were on to something.





Now here we are with big plans and a vision to create our own community with the products we create and the lifestyle we support.

We aim to create dope products and also convey a message to represent real people. People who aim to progress themselves and dig deeper, but know to balance that with some form of slow living: sipping black coffee, listening to sounds from all over the world, going out for a cruise around their neighborhood.


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