Our Story


Unsettle exists to bridge the gap between where we are and where we can be. We explore this space through contemporary product design revolving around the intersection of tradition and progression. It is within this space that we find the most growth.

Our principle, 'settle for more,' is found consistently through our product development process, community gatherings, and the knowledge we consume/spread.


The journey started in 2014 when founder, Charlie Yip, wanted to make his dad a leather wallet for Father's Day. His gift led to a year long self-exploration into leather craft.

With a desire to expand design explorations and unlock a deeper sense of self-expression, Charlie eventually re-emerged with his new project, Unsettle, based heavily on values and experiences growing up in the mid 90's - early 2000's San Francisco.


The brand is a reaction to the current gentrifying landscape of San Francisco and all other regions experiencing similar changes. We aim to continue the DIY spirit of the subcultures we're influenced by - taking cues from underground music, biking, industrial design, art, and the communities we grew up in. It's all about connecting the dots. 


Created with love in San Francisco to the world.