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Music transcends all lifestyles and we were fortunate enough to connect with fellow beat junkie, producer and music lover, Stro Elliot. Stro came up in the LA music scene with an eclectic mix of Hip-Hop, Soul, jazz, funk and more. That type of blend is instrumental in what we're aiming for here at Unsettle and his sound direction seems to cohesively blend the various genres in his own special way. Read our exclusive interview with the beat machine and check out one of his live sessions down below.



We see that you're based in Los Angeles. How has growing up there influence your sound direction?

 I've been in Los Angeles most of my life, but I also grow up a military brat. So I've been all over the globe since birth, and feel that more than anything has shaped my eclectic ear. LA definitely add probably the biggest piece to that pie. It's hard not to be inspired here with the amount of art and culture available.


"Music is and has always been the girl I can't quit."


You had a successful IndieGoGo funding in the past to help produce a new album. How did the crowdfunding experience go? 

 Yes, my group the Procussions were very fortunate to gain a following so dedicated to being a part of the process of releasing music independently. It was really eye opening. No middle man, just direct contact with the people that matter. The listeners. OUR listeners. Instant feedback in the form of support, and encouragement, not just money.




How did you get into music and why is it so important to you? 

Music is and has always been the girl I can't quit. And I've tried! She looks and smells better the longer I'm away. It's impossible. Haha. Music for me is really my best way to communicate, I can speak and write sure. I find that when I create music, I'm understood more clearly than any other vehicle so to speak. As a listener, I can't imagine going a day without it. It sets the mood. It changes it. For better or for worse.


How do you take your coffee?

Not a coffee drinker. I KNOW I KNOW. I'm that guy ordering tea or something at Starbucks. I hear it from my friends quite often that I should try this one or that one. All tastes the same to me. I know that sounds like a horrible life. Haha. 


Walk us through a day in the life of Stro Elliot.

I wake up. Thank God for the moment. Eat an apple or something while checking email/phone. Go for my daily run. Shower. Hydrate. Then the rest of the day/evening/early morning, look for inspiration till I'm inspired to create something. Wash, Lather, rinse, repeat. Occasionally get out of the house to go see something live.


We love your sound. do you have any big projects coming up?

Thank you! I'm working on a lot of little things at once right now, but also trying to coordinate putting out a couple EPs of my own in the near future. Lots of side production, and maybe live performances as well. Excited for some potential opportunities this upcoming year.

last, but not least, check out stro's live session.



Huge shout out to Stro Elliot for taking the time to kick it with us. We're stoked to introduce him to our community and help progress the sound culture through Unsettle. For more with Stro, definitely go check out his Soundcloud and his Instagram.

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