Soundcheck: S U R F I N G

In our VIBES series, we aim to bring you old sounds, new sounds, and plain ol' good sounds. We feature some dope musicians that'll help bring some good vibes to your day. We'll be including various genres, but most of which, will revolve around electronic and hip-hop. We hope you enjoy. 

Up first: S U R F I N G  

They got some good vibes.

We see that you're based in Australia. How has that influenced your direction of music?

I don't think it has really influenced our direction. We're more influenced by things happening overseas. 

Tell us about the creation of Deep Fantasy. What was your mindset going into creating that and how was the creative process? 

Well we wanted to make something that captured the sound and style that we were into at the time. I like sampling and re-interpreting old sounds and Lee is an amazing musician so we blended sampling with live instruments and vocals and tried to tie it altogether. We are super proud of that album, but that sound is done now. We are making music for 2017-18 not 80's 90's music anymore.


How did you get into music and why is it so important to you? 

I wouldn't say its 'so important' to me, I hated music for a year or two after we put Deep Fantasy out. Even now I just see it as a fun hobby. If you start treating it like a job or career I think you would end up making music that other people want to hear, not music that you like listening to. I pretty much got into music through my Dad, he was lead singer and bass player which is a pretty strange combo.

How would you describe your sound? Would you fit it into the category of Chillwave?

Thats always a hard one to answer ! It really is a mixture of a lot of genres, we would pretty much call it electronic, and let other people divide it into whatever sub genre they like.

How do you take your coffee?

Long Macchiato or maybe a mocha

Walk us through a day in the life of S U R F I N G.

I dont know, everyday is different man

Do you have any big projects coming up in 2016?

Yeah there's a few things planned for this year, we're finally ready to drop our second album soon plus a few exciting collabs including an EP with LA Vampires and trying to do something with Bewilderbeast. Theres also a Deep Fantasy vinyl about to drop so keep an eye out for that.


For more with S U R F I N G, check out their SoundCloud.

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