Soundcheck: LAIME

Soundcheck: LAIME


Where did you grow up? 

my name is Vlad Shirokov. 21 yo. From Russia, Saint-Petersburg, NINETOFIVE fam, LITALIMA fam

I grew up in a small town w/ a population of 15k people. I've been a dancer in the past, but have been making music on a more serious level for two years (4 years of all time of music making).

How do you take your coffee?

two spoonfuls of sugar w/ milk

When did you get into music and why?

I've been a dancer in the past so I really love music. This one day, I thought, "what if I can make music?" I downloaded fl studio and just made some funny stuff w/ my friends like trance music, electro style and so on. After a while, I got into hip hop, jay dee and his donuts, listened boom bap beats like A Tribe Called Quest , and yeah, all this styles makes/builds myself.

hat would you say are some big influences to your creative process?

Of course music, paints, nature, buildings, food haha. Big influences are J. Dilla, Flume, Jai Paul, Ta-ku, James Blake, San Holo, Coldplay, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk. But Very very huge influences to write something new come from J. Dilla and Flume.

Walk us through a day in the life of Laime.

Everyday is musicmaking time, riding my bicycle, going to parks, (I love nature so much), studying in university, and spending time w/ brotha and friends.

Any future projects in the works?

Yes, I'd like to release some tunes this summer, and it's going well so far.

How would you describe your style/what do you seek to express with your work.

I don't have a certain style. I just love making music, but right now I am experiencing and founding of future sound, melodic vibes, good chords progression, sound designing and yeah, it makes me happy.

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