Soundcheck: Animals In The Attic

Animals in the Attic formed in 2014 by Spencer Rakela (guitar and vocals), Clayton Laflamme (Keyboards and bass synth), and Geoff Luoma (drums) as they were graduating high school. They all shared a common interest to create and perform music.


With influences from MGMT, Built to Spill, and Modest Mouse, they infused Clayton and Spencer's jazz influences. Animals in the Attic first released an EP called 'Lumohs' on Soundcloud in 2015, but didn't feel their sound was fully developed until the release of their album 'Half-Asleep Surf' in 2016. Half-Asleep Surf is influenced by Beach House, Real Estate, Mac Demarco, and many other indie bands in the modern era of psychedelic indie surf rock. 

The album is intended to  be soothing, 'a breath of tranquility for a generation filled with anxiety'. As a general rule they try to make all of their music this way, in a relaxed state, to soothe themselves and their listeners. 

Enjoy a quick read of our interview with Spencer of Animals In The Attic.


Do you enjoy the studio or playing live more?

Spencer: Playing live is always great! Lots of energy, the experience can be spiritual.


Bucket-list vacation?

Spencer: I've always wanted to go to Wonderland.


How did Animals in the Attic start?

Spencer: Clayton and me had been playing music together for years, but I met Geoff senior year of high school, because we had a crush on the same girl who loved to lead us both on. We really bonded over that.



If you could have anyone play with you guys, who would it be?

Spencer: I've always wanted to see Tiny Tim shred.


If you could have anyone in the world (past, present, and future) as your best friend, who would it be?

Spencer: Peewee Herman


How do you spark your creativity?

Spencer: I'll just sit there in one place for a long time. Something is bound to happen eventually. But, yeah actually I meditate before writing music.


Dream car?

Spencer: Ford Escort


Where did you grow up?

Spencer: Sacramento aka Sactown. It's the kind of place that is made for families. If you're graduated from high school, and you don't have a family you can often wonder why the hell you're in Sacramento. Downtown's starting to get hipper though.


Cole: Any hobbies outside of music?

Spencer: I like to read informative books on life skills, spirituality, meditation, etc.


Cole: Day in the life of Animals in the Attic?

Spencer: It definitely varies, but I'd say working a shit job and then focusing on music so I won't have to work there anymore is pretty common for all three of us.


Cole: Are you in the process of making a new album? Any new sounds or influences in your music?

Spencer: Yes, very exciting. We're recording the album this May, 2017. It's inspired by our new passion for knitting and eating peppermints as a band. So, ya know, a lot of love songs.


Cole: What do you like most about pursuing music?

Spencer: I've watched a lot of people grow up, but I sure as hell haven't. I still have a dream.


Thank you to AITA for taking the time to chat with us. Also a huge shout out to Cole for leading the interview.

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