Unsettle x Trevor Port: Patches

Unsettle x Trevor Port: Patches

We recently teamed up with our friend and graphic designer, Trevor Port, to work on some patch concepts we had. The idea was to create some patches that represented the 5 different aspects of our lifestyle. Based in Encinitas, CA, T. Port's artwork is constantly inspired by the surf culture and sunny weather of Southern California. We knew it was a matter of time before we worked together, creatively.

 trevor port graphic designer portrait


We're proud to be able to work with Trevor on our latest modular patch collection consisting of 5 separate designs that encompass the Unsettle lifestyle.

Morning Ritual

Inspiration: Every day is a constant balance. Coffee and Mary Jane seem to fit well together as both help calm and jumpstart the mind/body. This is how we usually start our mornings.


morning ritual patch

Zoom! Cycling

Inspiration: Growing up cycling in San Francisco, there was only one way to ride: fast. If you're anything like us, you know the feeling of hearts pumping, feet pedaling, and wind blowing that create the perfect ride.

fixed gear cycling patch

Delores Park

Inspiration: A center for hippies, techies, natives, and everything in between, Delores Park has been a fixture in San Francisco as the go-to spot for sunbathing on the weekend (rare). 

san francisco delores park patch 


Unsettle Records

Inspiration: Something about listening to vinyl resurrect the old soul within us all. Our days wouldn't be the same if there wasn't music playing. So just keep it spinnin', baby.

unsettle vinyl records patch


Just Chill

Inspiration: Light the incense, water your plants, and enjoy your Sundays. The 'Just Chill' patch was designed to represent the simple life. When all you need to do is chill.

 just chill cactus patch

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