Spaces: Young Hickory

We paid a visit to Clay of Young Hickory Coffee in North Park, San Diego. Super fun place to visit. Friendly service, fun vibes and of course, great coffee.




Open 7am-Midnight, Young Hickory is the perfect spot to start your morning and end your night. Grab your morning coffee, go to work, and come back to enjoy a fresh beer after a long day.




They proudly serve Bird Rock Coffee, a local San Diego favorite. 





With it's large open garage door walls, you can feel the fresh air breeze through while studying for your upcoming midterm. 




Did we mention the random bull head on the wall with a bunch of stickers all over? It looks exactly how it's described. It's definitely one of the reasons to pay this place a visit and how they differentiate themselves. 




Overall, the atmosphere was what kept us there. Awesome staff with great open seating. They did a good job making it feel like home. 


For more info, feel free to check out their website and follow them on Instagram.

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