Spaces: Shaper Studios

Spaces: Shaper Studios

Twas a beautiful day in San Diego and so we decided to make our way over to Shaper Studios in North Park.

If you didn't know, Shaper Studios is the world's first DIY surfboard workshop/retail surf shop. They have services ranging from customizing your own surfboard, taking surf shaping group lessons, and their own line of apparel.

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We were welcomed by Trevor and one of his first questions was, "would you care for a brew?"

Now how could we resist in-house draft? 


After getting to know each other, he took us on a tour around the shop starting with the shaping rooms. On the bottom floor of the shop, there were 2-3 rooms dedicated to the first step of creating your own surfboard: shaping.

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They had racks full of boards that varied in sizes and shapes so you can pick out the best shape just for you.

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As we finished up downstairs, we made our way up the stairs to the glassing rooms. Here's where things got pretty interesting.

unsettle-lifestyle-blog-spaces-surf-shop-shaper-studios-san-diego-stencils unsettle-lifestyle-blog-spaces-surf-shop-shaper-studios-san-diego-stairs unsettle-lifestyle-blog-spaces-surf-shop-shaper-studios-san-diego-mask

This was our first time seeing a surfboard being crafted in person. You really get to see the entire process from start to finish. Piled on top of each station were remnants of past crafted boards and all their color selections.

In a sense, this was the history of the studio.

unsettle-lifestyle-blog-spaces-surf-shop-shaper-studios-san-diego-glassing-tables unsettle-lifestyle-blog-spaces-surf-shop-shaper-studios-san-diego-fiberglass unsettle-lifestyle-blog-spaces-surf-shop-shaper-studios-san-diego-surfboard-rack unsettle-lifestyle-blog-spaces-surf-shop-shaper-studios-san-diego-glassing-room-tables unsettle-lifestyle-blog-spaces-surf-shop-shaper-studios-san-diego-surfboard-rack-2

One board in particular caught our eye. Trevor told me this project included a sick floral pattern that was taken from fabric in a local San Diego fabric shop. Needless to say, it was beautiful.

unsettle-lifestyle-blog-spaces-surf-shop-shaper-studios-san-diego-glassing-surfboard unsettle-lifestyle-blog-spaces-surf-shop-shaper-studios-san-diego-custom-print unsettle-lifestyle-blog-spaces-surf-shop-shaper-studios-san-diego-tools unsettle-lifestyle-blog-spaces-surf-shop-shaper-studios-san-diego-residue

The glassing process includes choosing your preference of colors. Since different customers want different colors, it's up the the customers to blend and mix the in-house colors to create their perfect blend.

unsettle-lifestyle-blog-spaces-surf-shop-shaper-studios-san-diego-husky unsettle-lifestyle-blog-spaces-surf-shop-shaper-studios-san-diego-paint-buckets unsettle-lifestyle-blog-spaces-surf-shop-shaper-studios-san-diego-store

It was great getting to know Trevor and the history of Shaper Studios. We sat down and talked for a bit and are stoked to see where Shaper is going to heading in the future. 

If you're in the San Diego area, make sure to swing by Shaper Studios and craft up your own board. It'll definitely be an experience to remember.

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For more with Shaper Studios, swing by their Website and Instagram
Thanks to Trevor and the team at Shaper Studios for providing a rad experience for the San Diego locals.
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