spaces: Low Bicycles

We were back in San Francisco for a bit and decided to hit up Andrew of Low Bicycles. We were fortunate enough to be invited over to their workshop just to chat and take a look behind the scenes. 



It was great seeing all the components that went into building their Low frames. We learned more about Andrew and his upbringing. Turns out, he went to Charlie's rival high school. Small world. 




The space was simple. A separate room for logistics and a work area for building. We got to see dozens of unfinished frames hanging across the ceiling with various machinery on the shop floor needed to build them. 







All the details mattered. It was a simple shop with simple guys who just enjoyed the craft of frame building. Andrew told us he learned it all just by doing. We got to see his first ever frame he built way back in the day. It looked like something that came fresh out of a factory. You would think he's been building frames for years.




We had a great time just hanging out and snapping some shots. Andrew and Kevin were super friendly and we thank them for being so welcoming.




We actually shot some footage and will be releasing the video for you guys soon enough. Keep up with us to know when it drops. 

For more with Andrew and Low Bicycles, check out their Website and Instagram.