Adventures: Joshua Tree

Adventures: Joshua Tree

Whenever there's a chance to put our products to the test, we take it. This weekend, we decided to go camping in Joshua Tree with a couple of buddies. It was the perfect place to escape and to put The Commuter RollTop to good use.

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After we set up camp, we hiked out to Barker Dam and spent the day climbing and exploring.

The barren landscape offered a sense of beauty. We knew we weren't in the city anymore.

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It was pretty crazy to see all the rock formations and wonder about the power of Mother Nature. Erosion, you are powerful.


Here's our founder, Charlie, running up some rock formations to check out what was waiting on the other side.


You can't blame him for being shirtless. It was pretty hot and it was the perfect excuse to get a good tan in.


As we continued exploring the trail, we began noticing the beauty between the rocks. So many different textures formed together, but it somehow maintained a sense of balance between the smoothness of the boulders and the harshness of the trees.


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It was a pretty quick hike to the dam, if you could call it that. We took some time and just marveled at the layers of rock. How did the rocks end up in those positions? We just weren't used to asking those questions growing up in the city, but nevertheless, we were amazed.

unsettle-co-lifestyle-blog-spaces-joshua-tree-national-park-rock-formation-3 unsettle-co-lifestyle-blog-spaces-joshua-tree-national-park-slate-gray-commuter-rolltop-backpack-close-up

Eventually, we stumbled across some Native American petroglyphs along one rock formation. We stood there trying to interpret the meaning of each symbol. There's definitely a snake in there somewhere. Fish? Trees? Maybe back in the day, there were some neighborhood kids who wanted to draw some pictures on some rocks. But, who really knows.


Regardless, it blew our minds.

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So how did the Commuter RollTop stand up to the test of Mother Nature? It did well. It got some scuffs along the journey, but that builds character. It carried all of our essentials for the hike without complaining.


We design our products to withstand the elements within urban cities, but that doesn't limit it to city life. We pride ourselves in the versatility of our gear and we look forward to creating more gear made to carry you throughout life.


take a look at what we took on our trip

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