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This week on spaces, we have the pleasure of introducing you to James Coffee Co. out in sunny San Diego. Located in the Little Italy district, James Coffee quickly became a staple in the community among coffee enthusiasts. This space isn't just about coffee though as they include various pop-up like shops within the warehouse. Follow us on our photo journey through their space.




you aren't just coming here for a cup of coffee. 

What makes them special?

With most coffee shops, there tends to be a bar with various tables spread amongst the space. James Coffee definitely has a unique layout as they not only include serving coffee, but also a cohesive blend of lifestyle stores within including the likes of: Specs (eyewear company), Paradeigm (design firm), The Urban Shave (barber shop) and more. This means that you can get your coffee and a haircut while you wait. Sounds like a good spot to visit on the weekend to run your errands and get some relaxation in.




the atmosphere

Not only are the stores involved cohesive in the sense of service and their approach, but the physical space strengthens the idea of industrial chic and a DIY ethos. Sparsely parked cafe racers, exposed beams, and painted brick walls makes this space a go-to for your rough American roots.  Only thing missing in our opinion? A tattoo shop for your Sailor Jerry desires. 




It's refreshing to be in such a large space since having a skylight and vaulted ceilings opens up the space while making sure the shops within the warehouse aren't too scattered around. 




what's the space best for?

At first glimpse, this space looks like a spot for a nice weekend shopping and browsing around. As we walked further in, there's plenty of seating for studying and catching up with buddies. Overall, it seems like a solid spot for being a part of the community. A lot of coffee shops are used purely for studying or coffee dates, but James Coffee seems to aim for cultivating a sense of community with the various activities you can do within the space. We suggest heading over there if you want to enjoy a simple Sunday afternoon with a good mix of work and play.




a bare boned aesthetic with a hint of playfulness.

What should I get?

While we typically stick to pure black pour-over coffee, we've heard some pretty solid reviews on their Night Owl espresso and cold brew. Just make sure to not drown it with milk (if you even leave room for it at all).




Thanks to James Coffee Co. for having us over to check their space out. If you have any spaces in mind around San Francisco and San Diego, feel free to reach out and let us know.

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