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On the corner of Texas St and University Ave in San Diego, lies a subtle coffee shop named Communal Coffee. On a beautiful Thursday afternoon, we were invited to go over and check out their space and what they're all about. Here's our photo journey.

coffee + flowers art mural by communal coffee shop in san diego


Walking into a two-way entrance, you easily get the sense that this place is not just a coffee shop. With an abundant amount of greenery, Communal Coffee resembled more of a botanical garden with a coffee shop inside. And we're not talking about the one or two succulents sporadically placed on tables.




If this didn't make it clear enough, Communal Coffee shares a space with Native Poppy, a floral arrangement shop. We typically enjoy coffee shops for the coffee, but the flowers here definitely added to the experience.




As we walked in, we felt welcomed by Amy and the staff. The space itself consisted of a mixture of mid-century and contemporary tones similar to a lot of coffee shops we know, but they did it right by including Native Poppy in the mix.




With the addition of all the greenery, you can definitely imagine drinking your morning coffee in the forest. Something you don't quite get in the city.

Communal Coffee is the first in San Diego to serve coffee by Sightglass Coffee Roasters based in San Francisco. We've definitely been there back home so it's nice to get some familiarity in San Diego.




In the first half of the shop lies the checkout for Native Poppy and Communal Coffee, but it's nice that they include a separate half purely for studying and socializing. 


A lot of shops we know give off the sense that you can't quite touch everything and feel at home. Communal makes you feel welcomed with the type of furnishings they place around. A solid blend of comfort and aesthetics. 




We had a solid time exploring the space itself and meeting the staff. Thanks to Amy of Communal Coffee for having us over. We'll be sure to pay more visits in the future.

If you want to check them out, feel free to visit their Website and Instagram.

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