Snapshots: Timothy Pulleyn

Timothy Pulleyn shares the same passion for cycling as our community does. We figured it made sense to learn more about his story from art & photography to cycling.




Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a small town in West Yorkshire called Huddersfield. It was a nice place to grow up, close enough to the country side but with enough going on to make it feel like you weren’t ‘out in the sticks’.




How has academia influenced your direction into photography?

School was really challenging for me when I was growing up. Dyslexia has plagued me from a young age so I focused my attentions on my creative side as anything else was a real struggle. Art and Music were two of my main subjects when I went to College and I started to take a real interest in conceptual art, specifically sculpture when I came to the end of my school years. This is when I really started investing time in photographing my work.

From there I decided to pursue my passion for Art at University and went to study Sculpture and Environmental Art at the Glasgow School of Art. Document work was taught right from the beginning, particularly with Sculpture and installation work, it’s important to get the right shots in order show your work in the best way possible. 



Is there a memorable spot you recall shooting you just can't seem to forget? 

Without a doubt it would be Strada Dell’assietta in Italy, an old military mountain pass that I rode during the Trans Continental Race in 2015. The views, mountains and trails we’re absolutely incredible and I found it extremely difficult to keep riding and not stop every five minutes to take photos!


If you could go anywhere to shoot, where would it be?

I’ve never been to Norway but only ever heard and seen beautiful things. That’s definitely on the list of things to do in the future. 




Coffee or tea?

Coffee always, I can’t get enough of the stuff! 


Walk us through your day.

I like to get up earlier then I need too, so I can sit for 20/30 minutes and drink my coffee, eat breakfast without feeling rushed. Mindfulness is important before starting the day, particularly if I don’t get to ride before work. 

I work in Marketing as a day job so I tend to be behind a screen for the most of it, occasionally stopping for coffee or meetings. I can be doing anything from design, project management, videography or email marketing. Evenings are filled with managing external cycling projects or my blog.




One phrase to describe the way you shoot.


Well considered. Whilst I take lots of photos, I won’t use any if they’re not as I first intended. I don’t like lots of noise or distraction in photos. There has to be a focal point. 




Music plays a huge role in what we do. What's playing in your headphones?


Oh man… That feels like one of the most difficult questions to ask! I consider my taste quite eclectic, one minute I’m listening to Quincy Jones, The Birth of a Big Band, the next MF Doom, Jacques Greene and RL Grime.

I’d say my personal favourites at the minute are Glue70 and Complexion, both on soundcloud and really worth a listen. In and amongst that I’m always listening to Rustie, Hudson Mohawke, Stan Kenton, Wiley and Skepta. I could go on and on…




Any big adventures coming up? 

I’ve got a big adventure planned in the Italian mountains planned in September so they’ll be plenty of pictures to follow from that trip!


A huge shoutout to Timothy for taking the time to chat with us. To check out more of his work, check out his Website and Instagram.

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