Snapshots: Ryan Young

Snapshots: Ryan Young

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Where did you grow up? 

Benicia, California



When did you get into photography and why?


My parent would always have a camera around on family trips, but I really got into shooting photos through skateboarding. Initially I was only interested in technique and capturing the tricks. 


Where would you say is the best place to shoot? Where is place you haven't been to, but always wanted to?


I don't really have a favorite place to shoot. Although, I seem to have a lot of luck on farms. If I could go somewhere and shoot right now, I'd head to China and explore my family's origin. 


Coffee or tea?




Whats your morning ritual look like?


Lately I've been traveling a lot so it's been hard to maintain a consistent morning ritual. When I do have a window of time at home, I like to begin by checking my emails, making coffee, and eating oatmeal. If I'm lucky I'll get a run or skate in as well. 


How would you describe your shooting style?


Although I wouldn't consider myself a documentary photographer, I shoot in a documentary style. I like to keep things as natural as possible and embrace the spontaneous moments that happen. I prefer to collaborate with my subjects as opposed to controlling everything in a scene. 


What type of music do you listen to? What is your favorite song now?


I listen to everything from doo-wop to hip-hop. Right now my favorite song is This Must Be The Place by Talking Heads.


Any big plans/projects?


I'm shooting some water polo next week! I've never photographed under water, so I'm pretty excited to see how that works. 

It was great having Ryan on our blog and hope you enjoyed reading into his creative process.

To check out more of Ryan's work, feel free to swing by his Website and Instagram.

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