snapshots: Matthew Lawless

Where did you grow up?


I was born and raised on the island of Maui.



When did you get into photography and why?


I'd say I started getting into photography during high school. I was in a design class and we had the opportunity to take out a camera and explore campus a little. I think I gravitated towards photography because I could capture how I look at the world around me. 




Where would you say is the best place to shoot? Where is place you haven't been to, but always wanted to?


I think there are too many places to pick from to pick the best place to shoot. I enjoy shooting landscapes and in the ocean the most because they are constantly changing. I feel like its over done now but Ice Land would be a great spot along with Western Australia.


How do you take your coffee?


In the morning I go for a nice black coffee, while in the afternoon I like a good almond milk latte.



Walk us through a day in the life of Matthew Lawless.


Usually if there is a good swell, I'll wake up at sunrise and hit the water to shoot. After that I'll get the day rolling. I'm a motion designer so during the day I'm either getting some emails out, filming, editing, designing, or animating. If time allows I like to get out again a head towards the mountains or ocean for the golden light and stars.



How would you describe your shooting style?


If I had to describe my style, I would say its a mix of familiar places that feel unfamiliar. 



What type of music do you listen to? What is your favorite song now?


I'll always have a hard time describing this. Usually I tell people my favorite label is Ghostly International.


Any big plans in the future you'd like our audience to know about?


I really enjoy bridging visuals with music. I've done a few music videos and I'm hoping to keep exploring that world. 

For more with Matthew, check out his Website and his Instagram.