snapshots - Daniel Schroermeyer

We're into art/design/photography. We hope you are as well. That's why we're bringing you some great talents within the artistic world to showcase their work and hopefully inspire you to create and unsettle. 

This week, we're showcasing photographer, Daniel Schroermeyer. 

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a small town in the west of Germany with nothing special around but the last wild horses in Germany. 

When did you get into photography and why?

Like a lot of people getting into photography, it was basically my father who inspired me with his Slideshow evenings from his travels what caught me somehow. Of course he was the one who gave me my first camera and later on my first analog SLR and there it all started to become some always ongoing side-project of my life.

What would you say are some big influences to your creative process?

The biggest influence of my life definitely was my early skateboarding years and everything that came around that kind of culture which led me to who I am today and doing what I love everyday.

How do you take your coffee?

Nothing better than a perfect italian cappuccino

Walk us through a day in the life of Daniel Schroermeyer.

Due that I’m freelancing, my daily routine depends on my current gigs. If I am booked on location I celebrate the typical 9to5 Lifestyle: get up, try to do a bit sport, have a coffee whilst checking mails and social media, go to work. If there’s any time left afterwards I love riding my bike, go skateboarding or just for some social beers with friends.

In general I’m more a morning person than a night owl, so most of the days I try to get up early and get as much shit done as possible whilst the world is still waking up and have as much time during daylight to enjoy life.

Any future projects in the works?

Managing all my projects and finishing at least some is my biggest always ongoing project. 

Due to that I’m kind of a perfectionist without any patience, my projects tend to 

be never ending projects because I usually never finish anything before I already have started at least three new things.

How would you describe your style/what do you seek to express with your work.

Style is overrated. Not working professionally, means not needing to care if anybody likes my work what results in the freedom not to care about a certain artistic style. I found my passion in documentary and discovering the beauty of the ordinary but If i would like to shoot only black & white nude from tomorrow on I could just do so...

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