Snapshots: Aly Mananquil

We got connected with Aly Mananquil, street and lifestyle photographer, after discovering some of her work on Instagram. We immediately connected with her ability to spot the textures and intimacy with her subjects. We got the chance to have a quick chat with the Philippines based photographer. Let her work speak for itself.




"it's us sharing our vision together."


Where did you grow up?

Pampanga, Philippines but I'm currently staying in Manila, Philippines.   




When did you get into photography and why?

I got into photography in 2015 when I was 17. I started shooting for fun because I wanted to explore what the streets of Manila had to offer. From that, I started trying other types of photography wherein I mix street style and portraits. But I'm always open to do other styles.




Where would you say is the best place to shoot?

I actually shoot anywhere and everywhere. I have this sort of "gut" feeling that whenever I see a certain spot, I know it is the perfect place. 




Coffee or tea?



Whats your morning ritual look like?

The usual, wake up, fix things and then figure things out.




It seems like your style revolves around a lot of intimate portraits. How is the interaction between you and the subject?

I try to build a good connection with them as much as possible & usually see to it that we're both comfortable working together. Mainly because I want to show their character and mine in a photograph since it's us sharing our vision together.


What type of music do you listen to?

Anything that's chill and I would rock with.



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