Snapshots: Adam Crombleholme

We reached out to Adam Crombleholme, a Chicago photographer, in order to learn more about what the life of a photographer is like in Chicago.    




We see that you're based in Chicago. How has that influenced your direction of work?

I grew up just outside the city and would take the Metro on the weekends to travel down from the boondocks and skate the city of marble.

I remember the first time seeing the skyline through those dingy, green tinted windows I was in awe. Colossal structures, so neatly packed amongst one another establishing the city of the Midwest best city in the whole, wide, wide, world.  

The constant hustle and bustle, grime and beauty, people and places influenced not just my direction of work but myself, as an individual. I find peace and tranquility in these constants. The continuous sensory overload keeps me alert and sharp while combing the streets for content.

From the world renowned architecture to the overlooked and forgotten individuals. I've found a happy medium in my vision of the world, in-turn, my photography.




How did you get into photography and art direction and why would you consider it your passion? 

I started to see the world differently at 9 y.o. when I picked up a skateboard for the first time. Little did I know that those endless attempted kickflips would eventually play a major role in direction of my life. At this time and throughout the 90's, I was introduced to music, artists, photographers, videographers and friends through word-of- mouth, magazines, books, VHS tapes & DVD's as well as Cassettes & CD's. From the likes of Ed Templeton, Jim Greco, Jeremy Klein, Stacy Peralta, Arto Saari, Jamie Thomas, Jon Miner, Mike Manzoori, Fred Mortagne, Jimbo Phillips, Don Pendleton, Andy Jenkins, Atiba Jefferson, Giovanni Reda, Natas Kaupas, Evan Hecox, Craig Stecyk, and Shepard Fairey. I was influenced by the likes of the greatest, who established a culture, which gave many an identity / family they otherwise lacked.




What type of music did you grow up listening to? 

Growing up, I jammed a lot of 90's one hit wonders, rock, rap, and punk. My parents' favorite band is The Rolling Stones, while my first cassettes were Green Day "Dookie" and Alanis Morissette "Jagged Little Pill," which my sister and I split the cost.


How do you take your coffee?

Black w/ ice.


Walk us through your day-to-day routine

I've recently dove into the world of freelance as a photographer, web designer and developer. On any given day I wake up, start coffee, walk my pup and jump on the computer. Answer emails, continue ongoing client projects, and reach out to new leads. Lunch then coffee followed by personal projects and client work.  




What's your favorite type of shot and why do you prefer it? 

I've always been attracted to vanishing points and symmetry. Over the yearsI've connected with many talented individuals who have helped influence as well as broaden my artistic vision. 


Throughout all the places you've been, which is your favorite spot to shoot and why?

Ironwood, Michigan is a sensory overload of color and lust in the fall. Venice Beach isa beautiful ocean breeze, gorgeous landscapes with delicious tacos and margaritas. 




How has 2015 been for you? Any big things happen? What're you looking forward to about 2016?

2015 was the year I purchased my Canon 6D. This milestone alone has sent me in directions I never could have predicted possible. 2016, is the year I've focused on personal progression and growth.


For more with Adam, check out his Instagram

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