Snapshot: Chris Mullins

Snapshot: Chris Mullins


 Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Independence Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City with not much to do. Art and music gave me a way to fill my free time.



When did you get into photography and why?

I began pursuing photography as a career in 2009 after leaving a life in Nashville as a touring musician. I wanted to remain in a creative field where I could be my own boss. I had a close friend who I would assist on photoshoots, and I thought “this is it”.




How do you take your coffee?

Black. Usually first thing in the morning with a side of e-mail.


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Walk us through a day in the life of Chris Mullins.

At home: I try to start most days with exercise or meditation, followed by coffee & breakfast. Getting in the right head space is critical for creativity. When not on assignment, I like to explore the city or engage in inspiring conversation. 

On the road: You’ll find me with my camera in hand, searching for the perfect cup of coffee.




How would you describe your work?

My commercial work is clean and well lit. My personal work tends to be more opportunistic and spontaneous.



What type of music do you listen to? What is your favorite song now? 

In the studio I usually have on something upbeat to bring the vibes. On my own I listen to a lot of Jazz, funk, and mood. My recent ear worm is “you wish” by Nightmares On Wax.

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Any big plans in the future you'd like our audience to know about?

My big future plans at the moment are upcoming trips to Peru and Italy. I’m always inspired when I get out of my familiar surroundings and explore new locations. Follow my instagram for photos from those trips.

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For more with Chris, check out his Website and Instagram.

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