Cyclist of the Week: Yasin Lekorchi

Cyclist of the Week: Yasin Lekorchi


Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Stockholm: the capital of Sweden (no, not Switzerland).

When did you get into cycling and why?

I got into cycling at a pretty early age. I first started off skateboarding in the late 70's and early 80's, mostly as means of transportation and fun. Then a friend of mine taught me how to ride a bike when I was about six or seven. A new world opened up.


Spending time on the bike was like being in a bubble. It was only me and the ride, no worries in the world and still is today.  It wasn’t long before I started building up my own bikes with parts from bike wrecks found in basements, ditches and whatnot. It was almost as fun building bikes as it was riding them. One of my bikes was a rusty old frame with a BMX front wheel, a large rear wheel, a banana seat style saddle and riser bar. I looked like a total dork, but it was fun to ride. It escalated from there.


Where would you say is the best place to ride? Any where you'd like to visit?

I think any place where you can ride is a good place. I specifically think riding in, with or against traffic is most fun at any time. I’d like to ride any major city in the world though. Flat or with hills, doesn’t matter. Part of riding, for me, is exploring so any place will do. Still, I’d like to ride in NYC, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Paris, just about anywhere.


How do you take your coffee?

Cappuccino for breakfast, double Espresso after lunch and regular black coffee during the entire day. Swedes are second in the world per capita in coffee consumption, and since we live in darkness during half the year, staying away from coffee is hard. 

Walk us through a day in the life of Yasin Lekorchi.

Most days are pretty different since I move around a lot with work. But, when at home, and not traveling, I wake up. Hustle the kids to school. Hang out drinking morning coffee at a friend’s shop. Ride to work. Do advertising guy stuff at work. Ride and eat a business lunch, or lunch with a few people from our bike club FISTA (#fistasthlm). Back to work. Ride from work back home or hook up with friends. Hang out with the kids.

Probably go for a solo night ride during summer (or a beer ride with club members), sun sets around 22.00 and it doesn’t become dark until after 23.00.  Needless to say, second half of the year isn’t that fun with snow, ice and with sunlight for only a few hours a day.


What's your current build and what do you love about it so much?

Recently built two bikes: one for me and one for my daughter. The new one for me is actually my old beater frame that I had repainted and shifted over other parts to. Its always been one of my favorites.

I ride all my bikes and I normally choose the bike depending on my mood. When I want to go fast and ride aggressive (well more than usually), I take my Cinelli Histogram 2015 (48/14 gear ratio). I think that frame matches my mentality the best, or my GT. 


My daily commute ranges between my GT GTB, Giro NJS, Anchor NJS, new/old beater frame (TokyoFixed) to my Cinelli. Summary Sundays I break out the Kinfolk frame, it’s a smooth and beautiful ride. 

I’m especially proud of my daughter’s bike that I built recently for her birthday. I restored an old Italian frame (unknown manufacturer) with campy dropouts and added De Rosa Decals. It’s actually a coaster bike, but looks like a mini pursuit Pista (size 42). She’s the coolest kid around now.


What type of music do you listen to? What is your favorite song now?

I listen to music almost constantly. It’s a great source of inspiration for me. And anything that’s good is good. I usually listen to music that fits my current mood, so it can vary quite a lot… Listening to a lot of Radiohead, The National, Joey Badass, Grime and anything electronic atm. 


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