Cyclist of the Week: Tito Capovilla



Where did you grow up?

I Grew up in Milano, Italy. My dad is a photographer and my mother is a journalist and documentarist so I grew up surrounded by cameras lenses and pictures. They are also cyclists and since I was 5 years old we've spent our vacation traveling around europe with our bikes.




When did you get into building bikes and why?

Since we often had to repair our bikes during our trips I learned the basics of building bikes through the years as a necessity. I liked getting my hands dirty so I often spent my afternoons at a bicycle workshop where I built a bike with steering wheel instead of handlebars. I built my first bike from scratch in 2012. I took an old frame and converted it into a fixed gear. I bought my first real track frame in 2015. Now I have 2 Track Bikes, a commuter bike and a Cyclocross bike.




Where would you say is the best place to ride? Where is place you haven't been to, but always wanted to?

The best place to ride is by far the Bay Area and San Francisco. The weather is nice and warm, you can ride through the city or immerse in the wilderness, you can ride flats or go up to the mountains, and you get sights and panoramas that it's hard to get anywhere else.
If you want to have a sneak peak you should watch MASH SF 10 years movie. It really shows well what riding in the bay area looks like.



How do you take your coffee?

It depends. I love the simplest espresso, with sugar. Winter mornings are for pour over coffee. When I'm not home I often get cappucino e brioche con crema (croissant custard filled)




Walk us through a day in the life of Tito.

Every day is unique. Having to manage school, work and cycling every day is a new and different one. I like to fill my time, sometimes even too much. I try to work and travel as much as I can.





What's your current build and what do you love about it so much?

I have 3 bikes I use the most:
Commuter track bike, custom frame, carbon fork, 48x17, low profile rims, Toe cages, 60mm flatbar

Race track bike: Cinelli Vigorelli RHC Barcelona No.3 edition (Pink and Black), Cinelli dinamo parts, 49x15, Specialized track wheels, Sram Omnium with Factory 5 chainring, San Marco saddle.

Cyclocross: Colnago World cup disc 2015, Shimano 105, colnago disc wheels, thompson stem, prologo saddle.
I love every single one of them, I love to add new components and I love to use all of them not only for their specific purpose.




For more with Tito, check out his Work and Instagram.

Photo Credit: Silvia Galliani

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