cyclist of the week: Oscar Navarro

We haven't met a lot of cyclists outside of the US recently, but what better place to start than Spain? Oscar Navarro, a film-maker/cyclist, told us what it was like being a part of the urban cycling community there. Maybe one day you'll catch us checking out the vibes of Valencia. 


Where did you grow up?

I was born in Valencia, Spain and I’ve lived here for most of my whole life. It's a small paradise. We’re a

small city compared to Madrid or Barcelona, but we're still building quite a strong scene compared to other cities.

When did you get into filmmaking/cycling and why?

I’ve been into “filmmaking” since 1998... its definitely a reality check. Im 36 years old now and I

started taking photos, making videos, and doing some editing at the age of 16. Years have gone by

and it's still my lifestyle.

I have always been self-taught. I haven’t gone to university or any Film School. I learned by trial and

error… with lots of errors! Maybe that’s what gives me a different perspective of how to do it.

I’ve been working for an Audiovisual Production company ( for a year now, and I'm

learning a lot dealing with clients like Decathlon or Carrefour. It's just the opposite of what I do in my

personal work.

I got into the fixed gear scene about 4 years ago, I’m still a rookie! I built my first track bike to spend more time with a friend of mine who left the scene, but I just fell

in love with it!

I have met loads of amazing people in this scene and they are the main reason why I love it. Riding

with friends, drinking a few beers, having fun… it's priceless. I'm not a good rider, but I'm pretty good at

drinking beer. About 3 years ago I started RIDE HARD just to create as a rider for riders, but now I have no time to build a big empire and conquer the world.


Where would you say is the best place to ride? Where is A place you haven't been to?

This might seem weird, but I’ve always loved to ride in Barcelona and Madrid. Maybe it's all about friends because these places bring back good memories. It's more than a place… it's about the people. I have always wanted to take a bike trip with my brothers from other mothers: The Roosters. Check out what they do… now they’re crossing Japan in their track bikes, messenger bags, and no assistance.


4) How do you take your coffee?

Café con leche (coffee with milk) 75% coffee and 25% milk. Better warm or cold.

Walk us through a day in the life of Oscar Navarro.

Coffee with milk and a shower. Always! If I'm editing videos, I'll spend all day at Jakiens. After work, I'll go climbing or I'll continue working at El Barco, a co-working space as well as the HQ of Five Shillings, which is the bike club I belong to. I really like being there because of our small creative family. My girlfriend is a graphic designer, Amparito is a photographer, Mayca is a producer and Luis, the frontman of Five Shillings, is a bike ninja. If I'm filming, there are no rules. I usually work more than I sleep!

6) What's your current build and what do you love about it so much?

I have a Cinelli Histogram 2013 wich I really love, but a few months ago, I bought a classic steel

Razesa track bike and now it's my every day bike. My girlfriend did a custom paint job since I like rat-style and I put a front rack on it to carry beers. I'm here just for the beers. Steel is real! I also ride a road bike on the weekends… but not enough!


Check out some of the films Oscar has shot. Really dope stuff. 

Hope you all enjoyed reading more about Oscar. It's great to connect with cyclists and creatives from all over the world. Until next time... Settle For More.