Cyclist of the Week: Michael Chacon

Within the cycling community, there are so many different sub-cultures. From racing to bmx, cycling can really be for anyone. Luckily, we got the chance to speak with Michael Chacon, a professional fixed gear freestyle rider.

Going pro in 2010, Michael had the opportunity to travel the world through his passion. From being handpicked by Red Bull to be one of 24 Fixed Gear Freestyle Trick Riders worldwide to participate in Red Bull's First Annual Ride + Style to collaborating with UNDEFEATED x LEADER, Michael is keeping the fixed gear community alive and well represented.

  michael chacon jumping wall with fixed gear bike  


We see that you grew up around the Los Angeles area. How has that influenced your lifestyle?


Growing up in Los Angeles has influenced my lifestyle like no other. I guess it kinda just rubbed off on me. I have a lot of interests that your average 23 year old wouldn’t have. For example, I love Lowrider cars. I grew up around a shop as a kid and it will always be apart of me. 

Second, I love riding bicycles. My first bicycle was a “Lowrider Bicycle with a bent fork and a continental kit in the back. I remember going to the bike shop and buying all the twisted parts because they were popular at the time.

Once I got away from that I started skateboarding in high school. I wasn’t the best, but I was a quick learner. All I wanted to do was 360 flips. Once I accomplished them, I got tired of it and got into Fixed Gear Bikes. From there my life changed for the best of me.

  staircase gap jump with fixed gear rider michael chacon  


How did you get into cycling?


I've always been an active kid and always wanted to try new sports. Once I got on a fixed gear bike, it was over from there. I fell in love. I felt like having no brakes and a fixed gear would challenge me. Six years later, I would never think I would be doing the things I am with my bike.


You are ranked as one of the best fixed freestyle riders in the world. How's that feel?


It's really a great feeling. Being a person people look up to is amazing. Im happy I can influence people and keep them out of trouble. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world with my bicycle and see many different cultures through the world. I honestly can say I am very BLESSED.


Walk us through your daily ritual.


Depends on the day.

Some days, I wake up and go ride around town a bit. On other days, I'm working on my '59 Impala and driving through PCH or going to TV auditions with my Fixed Gear Freestyle bike.


What's your current build looking like?


1of1 Leader x MC x Undefeated frame and fork
Profile cranks
Velocity Psycho rims
Resist 45c tires
Leader Trickstart Bars
Leader stem
Resist septets
Unknown seat.

  fixed gear bar spin by michael chacon


Where's your favorite place to ride? 


I love riding in Venice Beach especially around sunset. It's so beautiful.


You've had the opportunity to collaborate with big names like Undefeated and Leader Bikes, how was the experience?


The experience is great. When I was in high school,  I remember I use to go to the Undefeated store to buy clothes and now I see myself having meetings with the owner of Undefeated. It's really crazy to me, but I gotta thank all the people at SA Studios, Estevan Oriol, and Mister Cartoon.


Thanks to Mike for taking the time to talk with us. For more with Mike, check out his Instagram.

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