cyclist of the week: Keith Morrison


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Philadelphia, PA and moved to New York City a little over 8.5 years ago. I now call Brooklyn my home.


When did you get into cycling and why?

I got into cycling after one too many injuries from other sports. I was an avid skater for the better part of 20 years and, as I matured, wound up falling into long distance running. I enjoyed them both but after destroying my leg one too many times I took the backseat to personal fitness and soon found myself getting out of shape and living a far more unhealthy lifestyle.

Without insurance I decided I needed something with little impact and with the help of a few friends wound up buying my first road bike. I remember feeling like a complete Fred my first few times out; unable to clip-in, mix-matched kit, running sunglasses, etc.

After the first long ride I knew that it was going to be far more than just a way to get back in shape. Over the next few months I noticed my leg getting rehabbed near 100% and instead of going back to my first loves I decided to replace them with something new.


What's your go-to bike for commuting?

I’m relatively new to the sport so came from having an old beater Peugeot, then a Mercier Kilo TT, and am now currently eyeing up something special from the folks over at No. 22. I live in New York City so there’s not a ton of room for more bikes than necessary but I think I’ll find a way to squeeze in a third.


What's your bike for racing?

Currently I’m riding on a Cannondale CAAD12 with full Ultegra and some Shimano RS81’s nothing super fancy but serves me damn well. My last build was an absolute tank so it’s quite refreshing to be on something hovering around the 16lb mark rather than 20lbs.

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Describe your daily morning ritual.

I’ve always been an early riser so for me the day usually starts around 6 or 7. I climb out of bed, remake it, and sit myself down on the floor for a 20 min meditation session. I used to be so tied to all of my technology but have found life to be so much better when I start the day with the focus on myself. After that I usually jam out to a record or two as I get dressed to head out the door for a ride. Since my schedules are pretty tight I’m often doing laps over in Prospect Park or, if there’s a late start to the day, will meander around River Road. It gets a bit old at times but it’s certainly worlds better than sitting inside staring at a screen all morning long. After that I’ll head over to the studio which I share with 5 of my best friends and start cranking away on work.


Any upcoming races you're prepping for?

This will only be my second season racing but I just joined a sick team with the guys of Deluxe Cycles and am training hard. I’m really looking forward to the Killington Stage Race as I always find myself wanted to see how well I can do at a variety of events rather than just one. Outside of that I just want to travel a bit and see if I can find some races internationally to join in by myself to see how I can fare against a varied and unfamiliar field. So far this year I have trips set for Mallorca, Lisbon, and Bergen; I think Bergen will be the sickest as the guys from Pas Normal Studios have a super rad adventure planned that will be sure to break my legs in two. Haha.


How do you take your coffee, if any?

I’m actually more of a tea drinker but if I’m grabbing a coffee you better believe it’ll be black.


What type of music do you listen to? Favorite song right now?

This has to be one of the hardest questions. I like to listen to absolutely everything from stoner doom metal to top 100. My favorite track now would have to be Woodbine by Windhand or Shake ‘Em On Down by R.L. Burnside.