behind the scenes: Unsettle | Selects

We're bringing you behind the scenes to check out how we get music inspiration. We paid a visit to the local record shop and picked up some class vinyls.

First things first, we gotta light some Nag Champa incense. We're really igniting all the the senses to fully enjoy the experience.





Inspiration comes from all around. Whatever we choose to consume, whether it be visual or audio, we're constantly inspired by our surroundings and we hope that you could discover that in our curated Unsettle | Selects.

There's a difference between listening to music through your phone and playing a physical record. You could immediately tell the difference in quality and that truly affects the entire music experience itself. 




While we wouldn't call ourselves audiophiles, we truly believe in the power of music and the importance it has in shaping our culture. That's why we make weekly curated music playlists as a part of our brand. We aim to create product that serves a function, but if we want to be fully transparent, we need to expose the process behind the brand. It just so happens that music is a big part of the creative process.




Smokey has been on repeat. This record has definitely been flipped over multiple times a day. 

Here's a little peek into a part of our collection we have in-house.




The first time we heard Brickhouse by The Commodores was on The George Lopez Show. We were kids then, but the trumpet has stayed in our ears since then. It's only right that we picked up their greatest hits.




Dam-Funk was also a must. Good stuff comes out of Stones Throw Records and Dam-Funk's Adolescent Funk did not disappoint. With heavy influences of G funk and old school west coast funk, we had to represent by picking it up.

Favorite song of the album in our opinion: I Like Your Big Azz (Girl). Funny title and funny song. Nevertheless, all around G funky.



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