Behind the Scene: The Unroll

Behind the Scene: The Unroll

Welcome to another behind the scenes with our design team. We believe in the strength of transparency and helping the community understand why we create the products we create. We aren't here to simply make product. We're here to push the importance of the creative process and by showing you our personal creative process, we hope to inspire your own, in whatever form that comes in. 



During our design process, we always make sure to refer back to our core design philosophy. By reminding ourselves to continually chase that never-ending line between form and function, we're able to create products that not only serve a purpose, but also look good while serving you.




This week, we wanted to highlight the subtle designs of our Unroll Cycling Tool Roll


So what inspired the creation of this? Well, initially, we wanted to create goods that made your daily commute simpler. Many of our community commute via cycling and there's some pros and cons when commuting by bike. While we personally believe commuting by bike is the best way to get from point A to point B, it does come with its fair share of obstacles. 


We noticed one specific pain point of wanting to use our bikes for work, but also for play. This required us to switch on and off different ways to carry. If we were commuting to work, we needed to carry a lot (hence, The Commuter RollTop Backpack). But, if we were just going on a simple bike ride around the city, we wanted to pack light.  




This inspired the development of The Unroll. We knew every serious cyclist needs a tool roll to carry all their essentials on the road while packing lightly. But we also understood that the everyday commuter needed various ways to carry. One common theme between the two: essentials. 





By creating The Unroll Cycling Tool Roll, we were able to eliminate the pain point of transferring your daily essentials from your backpack to your laptop case to your gym bag. The Unroll serves to carry most of your tools needed for a commute. It includes large pockets to include larger tools or wallets, to smaller pen slots for journaling. 


We believe this helped continue our pursuit of perfecting the line between form and function. Not only can you use the Unroll on its own as a tool roll, you can also use it to better organize your Commuter RollTop Backpack.




The Unroll features a back velcro lining to easily attach to the front pocket of The Commuter RollTop Backpack as an organizational pocket. 

As you need, you can simply detach the Unroll from The Commuter RollTop and use it as a foldable tool roll on the back of your bike. 


A simple design with the right amount of modularity.

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