Behind the Scene: Shipping Day

This week is a beautiful one. We just got in our first shipment of Unrolls and Commuters.


On this week's behind-the-scenes feature, we're giving you a deeper look into a part of our business: shipping out the Unroll Tool Roll and Commuter RollTop Backpack Pre-orders.




It's been a busy past few months for us as we continue to grow our community. 

As our orders flow in, we take some time during the day to dedicate towards packaging and fulfilling your orders.


First step: Bump some tunes 

The sun is shining in San Diego and we just picked up Dam-Funk's Adolescent Funk album on vinyl. If you want to know what we're listening to in the studio, feel free to swing by and check out our Unsettle | Selects.




Now back to shipping. We got in box loads of inventory and they came in beautifully.


Second Step: Quality Check

We assess each product for quality and details. We make sure each one is checked off before we send them out. 

Any products that don't meet our test won't be sent out.




One of our favorite parts was designing the detachable embroidery patches. Here is a shot showing some of our popular ones.




Each Commuter RollTop goes through the same quality check. We'll start by taking them out of their packaging and testing the quality and usability of each one. Which one is your favorite? We're always listening to our community to improve our product line.


Third And Final Step: Ship 'em

And there you have it. While we bump some tunes and check the quality, we move onto shipping them out and we, of course, include a couple of goodies in there for each one of you.

Hope you enjoyed getting a peek into our process. Let us know what you'd like to see, read, and hear. We'll be happy to listen to our community.

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