Behind The Scenes: Production

Behind The Scenes: Production

Today, we're letting you in behind the scenes on the production of our newest additions to the product line: The Commuter RollTop and Unroll Tool Roll.




During the design process, we wanted to make sure the Commuter could withstand the weather of any city. Coming from San Francisco, we understood that rain plays a large factor in designing cycling bags. That's why we sourced Aqua Seal YKK zippers to make sure your essentials never get destroyed.




Maintaining the simplicity of our brand, we designed the Unroll Tool Roll with very simple, but durable materials. We always found ourselves switching from bag to bag just to carry our essentials for different occasions. That's why we made the Unroll modular and removable so you can not only use it with the Commuter RollTop, but can also be put to use on its own. 




Our straps were designed with keywords in mind like comfortability and durability. The segmented webbing running through the middle allows you to hook your Unclip keychain or any gear you'd like to attach.


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