behind the scenes: Process Behind Our Patches

Welcome back to our process. On today's feature of Behind The Scenes, we bring you the inspiration behind our modular patches.

five embroidery patch designs by unsettle co

We're heavily involved in uplifting the creative community and what better way to support the community by collaboration? With our Commuter Roll Top Backpacks, we wanted to make it easy for our supporters to express themselves. We knew that style was all about expressive one's self. From the kind of shoes you wear to your backpack, your style speaks volumes about who you are as an individual.

We decided to collaborate with local artists to bring that idea to life. With our modular patches, we are able to: 

  1. Bring awareness to your lifestyle by the type of patches you rock
  2. Make it easy for you to rock different patches depending on your mood
  3. support the local artist community

With that being said, here's an inside look on how each patch design was inspired.


Unsettle Cycling Club

 Check it out in detail

Check it out in detail

Cats are pretty sick. Bikes are pretty sick. Why not put them together?

For our cycling club patch, we knew we had to have a patch to help the cyclists out there represent Unsettle. It made sense to use a cat since alleycats are such a big part in the urban cycling world (get it?). Add a little bandana on and you got yourself a pretty cool cat.


Settle For More

 Check it out in detail

Check it out in detail

We're always trying to push a good message out there. This slogan was the inspiration of our brand name, Unsettle. As individuals, we want to represent those out there who continue to push beyond their boundaries and choose to settle for more. That's why we decided to design the patch with a skateboarder mid-push. 

It makes total sense, doesn't it?


Another One

 Check it out in detail

Check it out in detail

To balance the seriousness of our message, we thought it'd be playful to make a beer patch. Playing off DJ Khalid's favorite phrase, another beer wouldn't hurt. Having a good time and drinking with some buddies never hurt anyone. Community is at the root of a good time and we wanted to represent that vibe.


Hot Shit Coffee

 Check it out in detail

Check it out in detail

Coffee plays a huge part in cultivating a community and it doesn't hurt that we drink coffee every day. Every single day. Some can call it an addiction. You can call it a lifestyle. For people who understand, the process of making solid coffee has an entire process behind it.

From the type of bean and roast you pick, to the temperature of the water and bean ratio you use, we don't mess with any regular gas station stuff. Personally, we prefer using a Chemex pour-over so we decided to make a patch for it.


Fancy Livin'

 Check it out in detail

Check it out in detail

Last, but not least, we have our Fancy Livin' patch. Perhaps one of our more unique ones. A cactus smoking a joint isn't the first thing people think of, but in all honesty, it looks cool. Everyone needs a little bit of medication and meditation, if you know what we're saying.


So from the design process to the functionality of the patches, we wanted to not only create cool patches, but to also make them detachable so you can personalize your commuter roll top differently day-to-day. 

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