Artist of the Week: Mister Phil

Artist of the Week: Mister Phil


1) Where did you grow up?

South of England, I live and work in Brighton.

When did you get into art and why?

 I started drawing at an early age. I enjoyed copying from comics and at school, I always finished my work early as the reward was to do some drawing. Kept going from there…


What would you say are some big influences to your creative process?

Other artists and illustrators, desire to produce something new, and excitement at seeing what will emerge.

How do you take your coffee?

I prefer tea.

  unsettle-snapshots-lifestyle-blog-mister-phil-illustrations-bottle unsettle-snapshots-lifestyle-blog-mister-phil-illustrations-hydrate-the-hustle  

Walk us through a day in the life of Mister Phil.

The following things occur but not necessarily in the following order:
Dog walking, drawing, drinking tea, farting around on social media, trying to make new connections, looking for work, aiming to produce something that satisfies me, drinking more tea, researching other artists, more drawing, discussing ideas and work with my studio mates, drawing on something other than a piece of paper, checking how many likes my latest Instagram post has received, eating some smoked mackerel and beetroot, inadvertently inhaling sharpie fumes, updating my Tumblr blog, cycling (if there’s time!).

unsettle-snapshots-lifestyle-blog-mister-phil-illustrations-Byron unsettle-snapshots-lifestyle-blog-mister-phil-illustrations-boom-room

Any future projects in the works?

Working on a project for an ad agency in Toronto which will see my work produced at a large scale in 20 locations across Canada, looking forward to seeing it big! Speaking at Reasons To conference in Brighton this September so planning my talk. Produced artwork for a slipmat and T-shirt for SlyVinyl, and loads of personal stuff that never sees the light of day!


How would you describe your style/what do you seek to express with your work.

Chaotic, characterful fun - I hope that the energy, humour and spontaneity that I put in to my work comes across and puts a smile on the viewer’s face. 

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