Artist of the Week: EMEA

Artist of the Week: EMEA


Where were you born/raised?


I was born and raised in a small village in the middle of Mallorca, Spain. I lived there until the age of 18, when I moved to Barcelona to study.


When/How did you get into art/graffiti? 


When I was a kid I enjoyed looking out the window while traveling by car. Thats where I started to notice all the signs and graffitis. 

I used to like drawing the tables in class even if at the end of the day the cleaners erased it all. After every lesson we changed classroom, so it was a way for me to show the other guys what I had drawn, it had the temporal essence.  One day we got a new classmate, he saw one of my drawings on the table and he asked me if I wanted to go with him and his friends to do graffiti. I was fifteen when I picked up a can for my first time. 

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Has your style changed throughout the years?


Yes, a lot. I think it is something beautiful and natural. Before I thought I had to have a fixed style to stand out from everybody else. Now I intend to express myself in a natural form. I am in a constant process of change, and I think that is what describes my style the best.



What's your creative process like? 

Head and hand go separately. First I sketch my idea, I work with the concept I want to make, and then I leave the hand for the physical job. For example, I do graffiti at night and my alter ego is a vampire. I have the perfect idea in my head of a vampire but every time that I draw it, it comes out different. I like to think there is an independent brain inside of my hand.



Walk us through a typical day of yours.


My girlfriend normally wakes me up, because I love sleeping in. I have a big breakfast, and then I take my bike and drive to my studio in Palma old town. I share the studio with a group of friends either we mess around or we work. At night if it’s quiet in town and we are in the mood we go and paint.



Describe your work in 3 words.

Youthful, conceptual, fauvist.



Any exciting upcoming projects we should know about? 


I’m going to paint a big mural in my city that illustrates problems we have in the society of today. I also plan on doing a workshop about art and surrealism for kids with autism and learning disabilities.


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