Luca Botte - Cyclist

Where were you born and where are you based now?

I was born in Italy in 1 april 94', and now im always here.

How did you get into cycling? And why specifically fixed gear?

I entered the world of bikes when i was 18 years old, but one year after they have stolen my road bike. So I decided to create a bike low cost , with a frame of steel, handlebar without tape, no brakes and cheaply rims!

What is it like riding in your city? 

I love my city, pretty cool, not that full of spots but pretty cool to ride ahaha

What is your bike set-up?

Leader I805
Headset: FSA
Bars: Tranz X
Stem: Cinelli Pista
Seatpost: Cinelli
Saddle: Vetta
Front Wheel: Aerospoke
Rear Wheel: Notorious 90
Hub: Miche Primato
Tires: Vittoria rubino Pro
Chainring: ProWheel 46t
Cog: 15t

What other hobbies do you have and why does cycling play a big part in your life?

I use my fixed gear every day, is essential to move into the city! Other hobbies? I started skating 6 years ago.

What type of music do you listen to and who's your top 2 right now?

When i ride slowly, i listen Indie music, but when i have to push hard, i listen Techno music!