Dabow - Producer

We see that you're based in Argentina. How has growing up there influence your direction of music? 

Growing up here influenced me in a lot of ways. Even though we don't have much of a scene, we can easily be connected with the world and the latest music around by the internet. I live in Patagonia, a wonderful and beautiful place that is a very big inspiration to me.

Our personal favorite track right now is Fuego. This seems different from all the other tracks you've put out. A much slower pace and chill beat. What's your take on experimenting with different types of music? 

Thanks! I'm always open to other genres of music. Actually, that's the reason I did this project called Dabow. Before Dabow I was making dubstep as Wobad. As I labeled myself a dubstep producer, I felt limited to only dubstep music and I couldn't be closed to only one genre. I would say get used to hearing some weird stuff from me!

How did you get into music and why is it so important to you? 

I’ve loved it since I was a kid. That's what I've always been and always will be, a music fan! I just love playing with sounds and I'm always curious about how far I can push myself and go exploring and experimenting with it.

How do you take your coffee?

Here in Argentina we take "Mate" instead of Coffee. Haha well, most people here do that. When I do go for coffee, I take an Espresso with a drop of milk, and sugar.

Walk us through a day in the life of Dabow.

I start my day waking up and showering. After my shower I then meditate. Usually after meditation I take a Mate and go to work at my family's Yoga Centre, as an administrator. Then once I get off work, I go to my parent's house and get lunch with the family. After I eat a good lunch I get to work on music for a while. Sometimes I will take a break and go to the lake or something (It's summer here). When I come back after the lake I go back to work at the Yoga Centre again a few hours before getting off to have dinner with my family. After dinner I get back in the studio for a while before I meditate and I go to sleep. My life is pretty simple now that I'm reading it, haha.

We love your sound and see that you've worked with MadDecent. Do you have any big projects coming up for 2016?

There is so much in the works that I can barely contain my excitement for it all! I can’t give everything away but I am touring Australia in February which I am STOKED for. It’s my first tour ever! I’m also doing a Wobad event in Buenos Aires later this month, and there are many more gigs in the works. I have a ton of music and mixes that are set to release this year on some great labels. I would say that is some of my best work yet! Also, I have many amazing collaborations with some of my favorite artists on the way. I really can not wait to share it all with you and I would say definitely stay tuned for Dabow this year!!!