Chris Yang - Cyclist

Photo Credit to @Y.C.Tang

We see that you're based in Taiwan. What is the fixed gear culture like there?

The fixed gear culture in Taiwan is actually growing fast in these few years due to the movie Premium Rush. It grew up rapidly around 2012-13 and now it goes down a lil bit and stable. Since Taipei City is a small city, we have lots of fixed gear bike shops, teams, groups in one place which make this community compact! This year we had more and more races and events than last year and some of them became really awesome and professional...which is definitely a good thing to mention since it stabilizes this community and gathers  people together for fun! 

How did you get into cycling and why would you consider it your passion? 

I always love riding bikes but what got me into fixed gear community and started looking things seriously was the year I was in Sacramento. In 2012-13, I was in Sacramento for one year program studying. At first, I bought my KHS road bike there and after two months it got stolen! It's basically a changing point that got me into fixed gear. I was shocked and fascinated by its simplicity and awesomeness. It's the feeling that you cannot get from other bikes. That kind of fixed system allows you to do more things and tricks and also challenging yourself since it's totally different way of riding from road bikes. And I love riding fixed gear since it connects the rider with the bike...I mean like you want it to move forward, it goes. You want it to move backward, it goes. Do a trackstand, you do it. Everything is done by your own skill and foot. That's the reason that keeps me going! 

You write for a popular fixed gear website, LockedCog. What was the inspiration behind that?

I always follow those blogs like Pedal Consumption, Lockedcog and so forth. Those webs offer tons of great information for you to know what's going on in the community. And one day the owner of Lockedcog, Kris Fay, contacted me through Instagram to ask me if I wanna do the guest posts something like that...and since then, I'm proud to do the posts on Lockedcog. Writing the test product posts, bike check posts, videos and so forth. Lockedcog is one of those famous fixed gear websites and I love the format and how Kris works on his blog. So that kinda pushes me to do more and do it well everytime. I'm not a photographer but I try to be like one everytime I shoot photos on people's bikes. The outcome seems pretty awesome so I wanna do more to help push out the fixed gear culture of Taiwan to foreign riders. That's my main goal as always! Otherwise, it will be pity if we don't push out our stuff and culture. We have a great fixed gear community and always need a good way to promote it out to let the world see! Try not to narrow our knowledge and the world of this culture, that's the real thing I always wanna achieve!

How do you take your coffee?

Unfortunately I don't take coffee lol But we do have lots of great coffee shops for foreigners to come here to experience!

Walk us through your day-to-day routine

My day to day routine umm...I work as a bike mechanic and basically I ride my bike to workplace everyday. Now here is winter, I always wear my Cadence jacket and wear Levis jean to start a good ride and make sure to keep myself warm. I often ride my State Bicycle to go through the sick ass traffic in Taipei City. Then start the work til the night then ride back home or sometimes will gather with my homies for the night ride and practice tricks! 

What's your bike set-up?

My State Bicycle Tsunami is pretty ordinary since it's a complete bike. I change my front wheel to 650c for tricks and set it up with a riser bar. My another ride is Low Bicycle Trackstandard. It's a grey gloss one with black words. H plus son rims laced with Ridea track hubs. Sugino 75 with Sugiono Zen chainring. MKS Urban Platform with Engine 11 double straps. Thomson seatpost and stem. Red Hook Crit saddle. FSA dropbar and Cadence bar tape. It's pretty much a clean build and I'm kinda sticker bombing it a lil bit. I love that masterpiece from Andrew!

Where's your favorite place to ride? 

My favorite place to ride is the city. I love go through the city and through traffic. I'm not kind of rider who loves to go mountain climbing too much but yeah I definitely love going steep downhills. But I think yeah my favorite place is the whole city. It's a never ending story cuz there are so many details in the city. You can find many different chapters everyday. And those things are something you cannot see on car! I hope more foreign riders and teams can come to Taipei for a ride and tour. You will love it!