Brian "Safa" Wagner - Cyclist

Where were you born and where are you based now?

I was born in South Africa. Started as a messenger in Sydney and 13 years later I am in Mexico City.

How did you get into cycling? And why specifically fixed gear?

I rode as kid, mostly on dirt. As a messenger after a few years I gravitated towards a track bike.

What's your bike set-up now?

Depends what I'm doing although I'm almost always on a Leader. I have a 725 and 735 for working and racing alleycats. The Renovatio model for racing crits and track. I do a lot of riding not as a messenger on a Leader road prototype.

We see on your site that you operate your own messenger company in Mexico City. How did you get your start in that and why?

I wasn't planning on staying in Mexico for more than a few months. In the end I ended helping organising the Cycle Messenger World Championships which was a two year commitment. I needed a source of income and messengering is what I know.

How does it feel riding for Leader Bikes and what's the story behind that?

It's great to be supported by a team who are friends and make bikes I really like riding. I got involved with the Leader through the Mexico branch and after I won the Wolfpack Hustle Civic Center Crit in L.A. in 2014 I started riding for the team officially.

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