Matte Black Unclip Keychain | Leather

Matte Black Unclip Keychain | Leather



Adapting all your urban tools into one - The Unclip is a quick release bottle opener keychain designed for your every day needs. The multi-functionalities were designed into a sleek, minimal, and modern essential. A perfect fit for every occasion.


  • Matte Black Color-Way Made for the Streets
  • Spring-Loaded Quick Release Wings
  • Bottle Opener
  • Black Full-Grain Leather Strap
  • Detachable Chicago Screw Post to easily attach keys

1. Simply clip on the carabiner top onto your belt loop
2. Release the clip by pressing down on the spring-loaded wings
3. Pop open that beer bottle or use your keys
4. Align the clip and click back into the carabiner

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Not intended nor suitable for climbing purposes.