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Believe it or not, Unsettle&Co. began as a hand-crafted leather goods brand.


That all started when our founder, Charlie Yip, wanted to make a leather


wallet for Father's Day (fyi: the wallet couldn't even fit credit cards). After a


year of designing bags and wallets, he realized that products nowadays were


either overly simplified  or too technical.


There was a desire to find a balance between the two that could fit an on-the-go


lifestyle. So, It was time to explore design beyond leather goods. From there, the


idea for a multi-functional keychain  was born.  That sparked the creation of The


Unclip Keychain, a quick release  bottle openeR keychain.



we created this brand for two simple reasons


1) To create cool gear we'd personally use.

2) To represent those who believe in living with balance in mind.


From our logo to our product, we are constantly inspired to design well


thought-out Goods that balance form/function and tradition/progression.


As a lifestyle brand, we create gear fit for a casual day in the office to a


weekend spent exploring your city.



During our creative process, we think of our hometowns, San Francisco and San


Diego. This helps us represent those who spend their day commuting from place to


place in their own cities. Since our mode of transportation is cycling, we design


goods that could handle any environment you're in.



We're inspired by our community. A community of creatives, cyclists, artists,


and musicians who understand the importance of balancing all the aspects of


life. Those who, despite rain or shine, will continue to push beyond their


limits, but always remember to enjoy the process. People who believe the only way


to live is to progress humbly. 



It's pretty simple.


We aim to continue progressing and creating rad stuff for our community.



This is




join our community below.